National Consortia

To accelerate progress towards its objectives and establish a thorough understanding of commercialization in each participating region, the ICA is encouraging global members to form a national consortium in their respective nation. These consortia will be comprised of founding ICA members, as well as other organizations with commercialization interests specific to their country.

In October 2011, the ICA announced the Canadian Commercialization Consortium (C3).

Building on a strong base of publicly funded research, the C3 will seek to combine Canada's commercialization expertise and resources among industry, academia and government; stimulate collaborative action that helps move more novel ideas and technologies from the lab to the global marketplace; and connects Canadian firms to international end-users and markets.  The C3 will also gather and provide national input to the ICA; ensure Canada's full participation in the Alliance, and help Canadian innovators to gain the greatest benefit from this global commercialization community.

Building on the 20 founding Canadian members of the ICA, the C3 will bring together additional leaders from industry, the investment community, academia and government from across the country to:

  • Link Canadian entrepreneurs and firms to international customers and market opportunities through the global commercialization network created by the ICA

  • Contribute truly national insights on commercialization to the ICA on behalf of Canada's innovation community, promoting key strengths on the global stage, and pursuing opportunities to cooperate with other commercialization leaders around the world for mutual benefit

  • Discuss and share exemplary practices in the commercialization of research outcomes in regions across Canada, and create a forum for Canadian authorities to present and discuss the such approaches and emerging models on an annual or bi-annual basis

  • Identify opportunities, coordinate and collaborate on pan-Canadian commercialization imperatives

Click here to download to Press Release: ICA Announces the Creation of the Canadian Commercialization Consortium (C3)

Click here to download a Backgrounder: About the Canadian Commercialization Consortium (C3)


Please refer back to this page for additional updates on the launch of national chapters of the ICA in other participating countries.